Nylon powders produce durable, easy to clean finishes which have excellent abrasion and wear resistance, good electrical properties, good chemical and solvent resistance, good exterior durability, low coefficient of friction and excellent machine-ability.

Typical applications include automotive clips and wear surfaces, office and institutional furniture, industrial pipe and fittings, food processing and handling equipment as well as marine hardware and shopping carts.

Typical Performance Characteristics
Property Test Method Results
Specific Gravity Calculated 1.09
Coverage Calculated 176 ft.2/lb./mil
Particle Size
Alpine Jet Sieve
ASTM 3451
% retained
+200 Mesh: 0-15% max.
+325 Mesh: 40-60% min.
60 Degree Gloss ASTM D 523 60-80 units
Impact Resistance
Direct@ 10 mils
ASTM D 2794
5/8 indenter
160 in.lbs
Hardness, Shore D
ASTM D 2240 70-80
Dielectric Strength
@ 10 mils (varies w/ color)
ASTM D 149 800-1200 volts/mil
Peak Melting Point ASTM D 789 356-374°F (180-190°C)
Taber Abraision
(varies w/ color)
ASTM D 4060
CS10, 1000 cycles, 1000g load
10-18 mg loss
Salt Spray Resistance*
“x” scribe
ASTM B 117 1000+ hours
*Testing was performed on Bonderite™ Parcolene™ 60 panels

Important: Warranty and Disclaimer — The performance characteristics of these products vary according to product application, operating conditions, materials applied to or with and use. Since these factors can affect results, we strongly recommend that you make your own test to determine to your satisfaction whether the product is of acceptable quality, has not been affected by storage or transportation and is suitable for your particular purpose under your own operating conditions prior to using any product in full scale production. Seller warrants the products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Such warranty is exclusive and is in lieu of any other warranty, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose. No representative of ours has authority to waive or change this provision, which applies to all sales of these products.