Polyethylene powders can be applied at lower temperatures than other powder coating materials without exhibiting degradation in stress crack resistance or thermal stability. The formulas used by Precision Dip Coating can be applied 30%-50% thinner than standard Polyethylene coatings without loss of coating integrity, thereby reducing material cost to our customers. Typical applications for Polyethylene coatings are refrigerator shelving and hanging brackets for industrial use.

Recommended Coating Thickness 12 – 40 mils on flat plate

26 – 40 mils microns on wire

Appearance Smooth, moderately glossy
Gloss ISO 2813 45
Impact Strength Gardner (drop weight) ISO 6272

Direct 73°F

18 in.lbs
Abrasion Taber ASTM D4060/84

H18, 500g load, 1000 cycles

100 mg weight loss
External Weathering Not recommended for outdoor use
Chemical Resistance* - Dilute Acids 140°F Fair
- Dilute Alkali 140°F Fair
- Salts (except peroxides) 140°F Fair
- Solvents 73°F Not recommended
Safe Working Temperature 140°F max continuous

Stress Cracking

ASTM D1693 > 100 hrs
Dielectric Strength IEC 243 VDE 0303 0.64 V /mil at 14 mils

* taken from Plascoat NG30 Specification Sheet