Vinyl plastisols are dispersions of special, fine particle size PVC resins in plasticizing liquids. These materials are liquid at room temperature. However, as the compound is heated, fusion takes place and the liquid is converted into a tough, homogenous mass.

The benefits of plastisol are numerous. Plastisol can add color, cushion, texture, safety, and quiet to the surface of your product or part, while simultaneously resisting abrasion, corrosion and electricity. Heat or light stabilizers, flame retardants, bonding agents and other additives are available to meet a variety of specifications including Automotive and Military, Mil-P-20689.

Plastisol dip coating methods include:

  • Hot dip coating is the process in which an object is heated, dipped in plastisol and then placed in a heated chamber where fusion takes place.
  • Hot Dip molding is used where the interior geometry is more important than the exterior – like in conformal caps and grips. Tooling costs for a dip mold can be less than 10% of injection mold tooling while comparing favorably in production and material costs.
  • Cold dip coating is used mostly for thin coatings of plastisol. In this process, the object is dipped in plastisol without preheating, and then placed in a heated chamber.
  • Cast molding involves dispensing plastisol into a mold, placing it in an oven and then heating it so the plastisol fuses into the finished part. This process is capable of producing multi-colored parts.
  • Rotational molding is a method that involves placing a limited amount of plastisol in a mold and then rotating it as heating takes place so the liquid is equally distributed. This is used to create hollow products.

Precision Dip Coating will match any color you want.  Either send us a sample or a PMS number and you will get the color match and repeatability you deserve every time. Did you know we can mold glow in the dark and metalized colors?

Durometer is one of the measures of the hardness of the coating we apply.  We can fine tune our materials to provide you the hardness you need.